Ladies Only Programme

Learn self-defence, get in shape and meet new friends!

At Hive, we work hard to ensure an inclusive and friendly culture where everyone is welcome. Even so, we recognise that joining in a mixed class in a sport with close  physical contact can be intimidating for some women. Therefore we offer a Ladies Only class, tailored  to girls and women looking to be introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey in a comfortable but challenging environment.

We strongly believe every woman should learn some self-defence, and that BJJ is the best way to do so. No other martial arts program offers such a comprehensive system on the ground – the place where most women fear they will be in a self-defence situation. Already in the first sessions you will learn how to deal with seemingly impossible situations, and along your journey you will learn how to apply basic techniques against increasingly bigger and more skilled opponents. Few other martial arts present you the opportunity to train and practice techniques with a high level of resistance from your training partners (“sparring”), without the risk of injury. The confidence you gain from knowing you have options and can put up a fight, from any position, is priceless.

As well as learning self-defence, our programme is also guaranteed to give you a full-body workout and boost your level of fitness! We have collected a specific set of drills that will get your heart rate up, your legs burning, and improve your timing.

Our class environment promotes an open and friendly tone between all students and teachers alike. Spending time training close together offers an opportunity to bond and get to know your training partners like no others. Many of us find our new best friend in BJJ, and because of the diversity of people training, you will expand your network and meet new people.

The Ladies Only class is open to women and girls from age 15 and up, regardless of training experience. We seamlessly incorporate the full BJJ101 programme into our classes and ensure you are ready to transition to the other classes after a few months. That means that if you have not trained BJJ before, you can skip the waiting list for our BJJ101 (currently with over 100 people), start directly into our Ladies Only programme and be a member of the Hive community from tomorrow. Ladies Only classes are taught by both our male and female coaches.

Contact us today to sign up for a free trial class! We offer the trial class once a month.