Code of Conduct


No dirty feet on the mat
Wear shoes or flip flops off the mat at all times
Always wear a clean uniform. For Gi classes, a rashguard under the Gi is mandatory. For No-Gi, it is required to wear spats under your shorts as well as a rashguard.
Personal hygiene is a virtue
Keep fingernails and toes trimmed and filed
Remove jewellery and makeup, tie up long hair
Clean up your blood
Stay home if you are sick


Respect everyone regardless of rank
You are responsible for your own and your partner’s safety
The energy you give, is also what you will receive
Changing clothes is done in the changing rooms
No coaching or cheering from the sidelines
Always greet your teammates upon entering and leaving
No phones or filming during training


Inform your coach of any injury or ailment
If you arrive late, ask permission to join
Ask before taking a break