Our training schedule is as follows:

BJJ Fundamentals: Dive into the core of BJJ, designed for those who’ve completed BJJ101 or have prior experience. This programme is segmented into four distinct three-month phases, each focusing on unique positions and principles.

Kids BJJ (8-13 years): A fun and engaging class dedicated to our young learners. Our approach incorporates the basics of BJJ in a way that promotes discipline, self-confidence, and physical fitness in a safe and encouraging environment.

BeeFit: This class incorporates kettlebell and bodyweight exercises for an effective full-body workout. It is designed to improve strength, agility, and endurance, complementing your BJJ training or serving as a standalone fitness regime.

No-Gi Fundamentals: This class is all about mastering the fundamentals of NoGi BJJ, placing special emphasis on positions and movements unique to this style. Ideal for those seeking to expand their BJJ prowess beyond the Gi.

BJJ Intermediate: Open to those with 3-stripe white belts and above, we delve deeper into the intricacies of BJJ. Each position is treated as a multi-week theme, promoting an in-depth understanding and fostering technique refinement.

Takedown (for all): Perfect your takedowns, throws, and standing sparring techniques in the Gi. An exclusive class for those keen to hone these specific skills.

Ladies Only: An empowering and supportive space dedicated to women. This program covers the BJJ101 curriculum and beyond, fostering confidence and a solid technical foundation in a women-friendly environment.

Open Classes: Exclusively for Hive members or special guests, offering an inclusive space to learn and grow together.

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