About Hive

Our way of teaching:

At Hive we focus on creating the best possible framework so you can learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a simple yet effective way. That’s why we use the newest teaching methods, and give individual feedback and coaching at every training.

Learning BJJ is the same as learning any new skill: you have to learn to walk before you run and learn the alphabet before you learn to write. When learning BJJ you need the same logical progression of creating a good foundation to build on, and at Hive we create our courses and instructions so it supports the best learning process.

For those who are completely new to BJJ we offer BJJ101, an introductory program that will provide you with the best start for a new sport. For those who have already trained for a few months, or are coming back from a break from training, we offer our BJJ201 fundamentals program.

BJJ is under continuous development, providing endless new things to train and focus on, so you will never get bored! It takes a long time to master BJJ, but it’s a sport everyone can learn and become good at.

About our Head Coach

Shanti Abelha is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and has had an extensive career at elite level in the sport where she has won 5 World titles and is one of the most decorated competitors in Europe.

With almost 20 years of experience, she provides world class BJJ classes at Hive BJJ. Professionally, Shanti has an unique background as a civil engineer and works within leadership coaching, strategy development and cultural improvements within companies.

A part of her work involves developing, teaching and training instructors within training programmes that are offered to over 15.000 coworkers, a skill she of course brings with her to Hive.  

  • 3x IBJJF World Champion in Black belt, Master
  • 6x IBJJF 3rd place World Championship in Black belt, Adult
  • 8x IBJJF European Champion in Black belt, Master
  • 2x IBJJF European No-Gi Champion in Black belt, Master
  • ADCC Veteran

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Video with Shanti after winning World’s in 2016


Marcus Buur is a black belt training BJJ since 2005. He has won several medals at major tournaments, including gold and silver in the Danish Open, and silver in Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro Belgrade.

Marcus has trained several different martial arts and lived in several places in the world, including Georgia where he trained Judo, and Sambo with the Georgian sambo national team. On a daily basis he works with graphics and IT.

Heide Truong has been training martial arts for over 12 years. Although Muay Thai and MMA initially got her into training, BJJ has been her main focus for almost a decade. She holds a purple belt and trains at Arte Suave. Prior to relocating to Denmark for an MSc in Food Innovation and Health, she trained with Leticia Ribeiro and her world class competition team in San Diego. In California, she earned her BSc in Kinesiology and gained a variety of coaching experiences at physical therapy clinics, San Diego State’s Strength and Conditioning department, corporate gyms and freelancing globally as a health coach. Aside from training, she often travels and is building an eco-conscious food company.

Kevin Prompler  started training BJJ in 2013, after two friends insisted on joining a trial class. For the next 7 years, he trained with Jordy Peute at Gracie Barra Maastricht. Originally from The Netherlands, he moved to Denmark in 2020 after having spent most of 2019 travelling and visiting a dozen training camps around the world.

Besides training in Hive, you may find him on the mats at Arte Suave, at the sales department of a sports/tech company, or playing guitar at a local punk bands’ rehearsal room.

Daniel Forino

Daniel: “I put a lot of effort into delivering quality jiu jitsu in all my classes and making everyone feel welcome. I fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the first class I took and I try to transmit that same passion in all my classes.”
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel moved to Copenhagen in January 2020 and started training at Hive that same year. Daniel started practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu in 2009, then continued with Muay Thai until 2011. Resumed BJJ that same year and never looked back. Blue belt in 2013 and Purple belt in 2015 under 4th degree black belt Eduardo “Dudu” Duarte, headcoach and Director of Nova União Argentina.  Besides training and competing in BJJ, Daniel is an Architect and work at a company in Copenhagen. Daniel has a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship, in fact, he had a clothing brand in Buenos Aires for 2 years.

Assistant instructors

Sezer Denîz Doğan

Sezer Deniz Dogan is Instructor for the Children’s team, teaches the BJJ 101-Intro team and is responsible for Sunday’s Open Mat, with one hour of practice and one hour of sparring.

Sezer has been training BJJ since 2017, has been part of the Hive spirit since the club’s beginning and won Gold in his very first BJJ tournament.

Besides BJJ, Sezer has great interest in Budokon Yoga / Steelmace Yoga / philosophy / History and Calisthenics.

Asbjørn Bang is the assistant teacher of the kids’ classes. He is a home-grown Hive member and a product of the 101 classes, having taken his first class with Shanti in 2021. Since then, he has made friends all over the world through BJJ and has competed in Denmark and Sweden. Off the mats, he plays in a reggae band, practices Yin Yoga and loves to dance.