New to BJJ?

Would you like to get the best start in your new sport?

In our very popular 8-week introduction program we go through a carefully organized curriculum where you will learn the basic fundamental principles and movements of BJJ. These basic exercises and techniques will be the foundation for your development when continuing to learn BJJ.

To make sure we can meet individual needs for support, correction and guidance, we have a limited number of places for our introduction program. 

We provide a fun and safe learning environment, where you will be placed out of your comfort zone but your development will always be adapted to your needs – you just have to show up in training clothes (remember a water bottle)!

If you have never trained BJJ before it is mandatory to finish this program to be able to attend other classes.

See our schedule and when we have our BJJ101 classes here. her.

Get the opportunity to join our next BJJ101 program by contacting us in the form below. Our last program sold out in 15 minutes!